My Darling Clementine

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The Reconciliation? (CD)

The 2nd album, and the follow up to ‘How Do You Plead?’

Produced by Colin Elliott (Richard Hawley, Duane Eddy) and MWK, it features all Hawley’s band plus Alan Cook on pedal steel, with added fiddle and horns, and a special guest appearance from Kinky Friedman.

12 new duets, including a homage to the late great George Jones.

1 Unhappily Ever After
2 No Heart In This Heartache
3 You Can’t Live With Yourself
4 Our Race Is Run
5 Leave The Good Book On The Shelf
6 No Matter What Tammy Said (I won’t stand by him)
7 King Of The Carnival
8 The Gospel According To George
9 Ashes, Flowers & Dust
10 I No Longer Take Pride
11 Let’s Be Unhappy
12 Miracle Mabel