My Darling Clementine

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Michael Weston King – Handpicked (CD)

Released to coincide with the 2016 November/December European solo tour,  “Handpicked” as there title suggest,  is a collection of 13 songs, all chosen personally by MWK.  One from each of his studio albums, with The Good Sons, solo, and with My Darling Clementine. This CD will ONLY be available at shows or via the web site, it is not an official release.

Michael writes; A number of my earlier albums, certainly with The Good Sons and my first 2 solo albums are not currently available, other than maybe on E-bay. So, here is a collection that covers every studio album released to date.

I have chosen one song from each album and picked the ones that maybe have been overlooked or meant the most to me when I wrote them, or with hindsight, looking back, are ones I like the most right now, even if they were songs that have not been performed live for many years. Maybe they will get an airing on the 2016 winter tour

I also wanted to introduce the older music to people who are fans of My Darling Clementine but maybe not so familiar with my solo work from before.  So, here is a sample of the past 20 years!  At some point, we will get round to re-issuing everything in a box set but we are not sure when, so, for now, welcome to the past.