My Darling Clementine

My Darling Clementine - 'Country Darkness: Vol. 1'

I can’t think of any act more appropriate to reappraise the extensive EC songbook.
Lonesome Highway
My Darling Clementine and the country songs of Elvis Costello are a match made in heaven.
The Alternate Root, USA
Absolute greatness - treasure these songs, and these voices.
Country Music People ****4/5
This is deep cut territory. A perfect vehicle for the duo’s trademark duetting.
Blabber ’n’ Smoke
4 classy EC covers worked into highly effective , emotionally charged duets.
Whisperinandhollerin *********9/10
Vol 1. is a tantalising entrée which leaves the listener hungry for more.
Americana-UK ********8/10
Country Darkness Vol. 1 is a little gem. Costello songs brilliantly interpreted, with an overwhelming luminosity.
Ruta66, Spain
Hands down the best ever cover of ‘Stranger In The House’
Folk Radio UK
I hope this is an idea to which they return, Nieve’s piano is exemplary.
Cover Me Songs *****5/5
The vocal dynamic from King and Dalgleish is a perfect fit for these songs.
Think Country

My Darling Clementine - 'Still Testifying'

"Still Testifying: A real gem of an album which is retrospective yet captures the zeitgeist at the same time."
"Where gospel, country and Southern soul happily collide. Terrific."
UnCut 8/10********
"Still Testifying is a triumph."
Bob Harris, BBC RADIO 2
The Guardian 4/5****
The Daily Express 4/5****
"Like Nick Lowe, Weston King and Dalgleish, are able to create songs that make you feel that you know them while being quite new and gorgeous."
Record Collector 4/5 ****
"Even more depth and darkness than on their previous two albums. A stroke of genius."
Country Music People 5/5 *****
“Yet another rich, diverse and compelling record”
Whisperinandhollerin 10/10***********
“The truth often hurts about love but MDC make it all more bearable”
Rock ’n’ Reel 4/5****
"Laying claim to be the best country album of the year for the third time and shaping up to be their most successful yet. Long may they continue to bear witness."
"Sublime country soul. The King and Queen of UK Country are back and they have headed south."
No Depression
"The album of their careers."
“An irresistible, beautiful, tear-jearking combination of two loving voices who blend together in wonderful harmony.”
Alt Country Forum
“Still with a Country Heart, this latest release shuffles the cards like a magician taking their now distinctive sound into it’s very own musical stratosphere.”
Rocking Magpie
"Still Testifying is something special that should be preserved. Wonderfully classy."
Three Chords and the Truth
"A very imaginative album from My Darling Clementine, who take storytelling to great heights."
Penny Black
“Still Testifying’ is een heel mooi album. Country en Americana van grote klasse.”

“Still Testifying is a beautiful album. Country and Americana of the highest level”
“De werkelijk bloedmooie ballad "Eugene" herinnert er ons nog maar eens aan, welk een fantastische zangeres Dalgleish eigenlijk wel is.Michael Weston King stijgt als het ware ver boven z’n eigen vocale begrenzingen uit. En dan is er blazersgewijs ook nog een subtiele hint richting New Orleans als knap surplus. Lekker… Echt lekker!”

“The utterly beautiful ballad Eugene reminds us how good a singer Lou Dalgliesh is and MWK really outdoes himself here vocally. And then the horns add a subtle hint of New Orleans on top of all that. Delicious, straight out delicious.”
Ctrl Alt Country
“Takes more traditional country and slaps it with a soul and gospel vibe”
Americana UK - 7/10*******

My Darling Clementine - 'The Reconciliation?'

"Finely written studies. Original and inventive"
The Guardian, **** 4/5
"More terrific countrified thrills - On this form, it’s a winning formula that looks set to run and run"
Uncut, ******** 8/10
“A phenomenal piece of work”
Country Music People, ***** 5/5 - Album of the month
“An instant classic”
Maverick, ***** 5/5
"A brand new vintage classic. Exceptional”
Classic Rock presents Country, ********* 9/10
"Whatever it is they deliver, this is a singing couple with class"
The Daily Express, **** 4/5
"The Reconciliation? is a 12 song 51 minute duet extravaganza. Without hesitation this album must be added to your ‘to get’ list."
Three Chords and the Truth
"The debut album was a stunning evocation of the classic country duet but The Reconciliation? actually surpasses its illustrious predecessor."
Fatea Magazine
“MDC have not made the best British country record ever, they have made the best two!”
Country Music People, ***** 5/5 - Album of the month
"My Darling Clementine throw down the gauntlet for anyone with aspirations of singing a country duet (and writing one too)."
Americana-UK, ******** 8/10
"File under ‘country album of the year.’"
The Beat / Netrythms - Album of the month
“The songwriting is littered with genius”
Country Music People, ***** 5/5 - Album of the month
"There’s so much emotional depth to the songs on this album that I could write a dissertation on them."
Fatea Magazine
"Tammy and George can now rest easy in the knowledge that the country music duet is far from dead but in good hands."
Americana-UK, ******** 8/10
“Dalgleish has one of the most perfect voices you'll ever hear"
The Beat
"A blueprint of how the golden age of the country duet can be revitalized and refreshed in the second decade of the twenty-first century."
Three Chords and the Truth
"Songs that sounds like country classics even on first hearing."
No Depression
"The Reconciliation? is every bit as accomplished as it illustrious predecessor."
R2, **** 4/5
"The themes may be dark but these darlings are the real deal."
The Sun
"The playing is top notch and their love of this music rings true."
The Irish Times, **** 4/5
"King has always written fine songs, as a Good Son, solo performer and collaborator but he might just have found the perfect match for his talent right at home."
R2, **** 4/5
"The Reconciliation? is a 12 song, 51 minute duet extravaganza. Without hesitation this album must be added to your ‘to get’ list."
Three Chords and the Truth
"A couple that clearly know, and have a deep respect for a great tradition in country music."
3rd Coast Music, Texas 4.5 / 5 *****
"This album of very strong, classic country duets is a masterpiece of the genre."
Trouw (NL), ***** 5/5
"Spellbinding voices mixed with a 50's-60's golden era styling make this English pairing something the whole world can enjoy."
Saving Country Music
"The debut album was a stunning evocation of the classic country duet but The Reconciliation? actually surpasses its illustrious predecessor."
Fatea Magazine
"This pairing is a match made in heaven. The Reconciliation? is a truly great album."
American Roots UK
"Listening to this album one could almost be sitting in a flea-bit bar with a great jukebox belting out each of the songs here and quietly shedding a tear in one’s beer. Magnificent."
Paul Kerr, Blabber 'n' Smoke (A Glasgow view of Americana)
"Occasionally a little tongue in cheek but this is foremost a collection of beautiful country songs!"
Written in Music (NL), **** 4/5

My Darling Clementine - 'How Do You Plead?'

"13 all-new duets that carry the sting of authentic country classics. Just wonderful!"
UnCut **** 4/5
“This is a great album. A finely crafted all original tribute to the classic country duet”
The Guardian
"King & Dalgleish brilliantly evoke the feuding spirit of George and Tammy"
“King and Dalgleish effortlessly earning their place in the role call of great country duettists”
UnCut **** 4/5
"One of the most exquisitely pained American country albums of the year comes from this British couple"
New York Daily News - Top Ten Album of the week
“A baker’s dozen of originals that sound like they came straight out of the June/Johnny-Emmylou/Gram-Nancy Sinatra/Lee Hazelwood catalogs. This is as authentic as anything out of Nashville or Texas...A batch of superb C&W corkers.”
American Songwriter, USA **** 4/5
"Michael and Lou are a Johnny and June for our times"
Manchester Evening News ****4/5
"Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the best British country record ever!”
Duncan Warwick, Editor - Country Music People
“Without doubt the best British country album of the year, and one that would challenge anything from across the Atlantic too”
Maverick *****5/5 - Editor's pick of the month
“Every song could be mistaken for a classic Nashville standard. You could easily imagine it topping the country charts in the ‘50s or ‘60s;”
Kai Roberts, ******** 8/10
"King's song revive the lost art of songsmiths like Harlan Howard & Merle Haggard"
Manchester Evening News ****4/5
"Truly a great record"
Chris Hillman (The Byrds, Flying Burrito Brothers)
“On such fiery and feisty offerings as ‘You’ve Found Your Man’, ‘I Bought Some Roses’ and ‘Going Back To Memphis’ the authenticity of these original compositions is astounding.“
No Depression ***** 5/5
“There are songs here George and Tammy would have wanted to record.”
Country Music People ***** 5/5 - Album of the month
"These tales of love and loss sound like forgotten country classics”
The Sun **** 4/5
"Lou has the most stunning voice. I LOVE it"
Graham Norton (BBC Radio 2)
"Dalgleish emulates the authority of Emmylou on the harmonies and packs the force of Patsy on her solos."
Manchester Evening News **** 4/5
“Deserving of a ranking among the great duet albums of our time”
Whisperinandhollerin ********** 10/10
"If you ever identified with that twinge of pain while listening to Dolly Parton duets or June and Johnny Cash, you need to give My Darling Clementine a shot. A successful throwback in every single sense, even down to King’s cornflower blue Safari Suit on the beautiful album cover. If How Do You Plead? is the question, fantastic is the answer."
Glide Magazine, USA **** 4/5
“This is elegant, grown-up country”
UnCut **** 4/5
“A flawless treat"
The Tip, Berlin
“You would swear blind this albums cuts are lifted straight from the pages of some long-lost country songbook”
BBC on-line music reviews
“The spirit of George Jones and Tammy Wynette on this lovingly executed collection of strictly old-school country laments.”
The Scotsman **** 4/5
“King's mellifluous heart-on-sleeve-and-lump-in-throat vocals derive from George Jones by way of Elvis Costello"
Manchester Evening News ****4/5
“Each song here is beyond reproach, to the extent that it is impossible to select individual highlights”
Kai Roberts, ******** 8/10
“I have to agree with my English counterparts - simply the best British Country album ever made."
3rd Coast Music, Texas ***** 4.5/5
*3rd Coast Music in Austin also vote My Darling Clementine as their "Band of the Year"
"If anything is going to make country music hip again, this is it"
Maverick *****5/5 - Editor's pick of the month
"Quickly becoming the surprise package of the year - instant country classics that sound as though they have been around for decades"
Smart Choice. Tip of the week.
“A timeless collection made with love, affection and just a little knowing tongue in cheek”
Time Out
“Going Back To Memphis' is surely a lost Glen Campbell greatest hit"
Acoustic Magazine
“Every song’s worth your ears"
The Morning Star
“Top notch writing that is utterly convincing”
BBC on-line music reviews
“Each song is better than the next. Personal, pure and seamless there isn’t a dull moment on the album. so striking and wonderful it’s a crime it isn’t a mainstay on every radio station across the world”
Wordkrapht, USA - *****5/5
“A wonderful album - a perfectly realized musical ambition"
Album of the week - Flying Shoes
"This British duo created a country collection that is a loving testament to the co-ed duet balladry of folks like George Jones and Tammy Wynette. All originals written by the husband-and-wife team of Michael Weston King and Lou Dalgleish (Lou’s the lady), the songs on How Do You Plead? are like messages sent from Nashville 30 or 40 years ago." ***** 5/5
Salt Lake Scene, USA - #2 in top 10 Best of 2012 list
"This record deserves a place of honour in the Country Music Hall of fame" ***** 5/5
“An amazingly good album. Fresh, new, original songs, superb British musicians, spot on uncluttered production and blissful harmonies...”
David Allen (Country Music People)
“It stands accused of being one of the best old school country albums of this or any other year. Guilty as charged”
"Simply exceptional"
No Depression ***** 5/5
“Part rockabilly, part just plain hurtin' scenarios, great singing and some new, new looks at duet material make this an outstanding acquisition and worth every penny”
Victory Music USA
"... lightning has struck for this couple and they’ve emerged with a near perfect bag of duets that will likely inspire enthusiastic cries of “authentic”, “mesmerizing” and “the next Johnny and June”. But you––and they––needn’t worry about that. All that matters is that How Do You Plead? hits the spot with ace writing, singing and playing."
Pop Matters, USA 8/10 ********
"The best country album we’ve heard this year comes from the UK. This is what country music is supposed to sound like."
Majestic Show blog, USA
"This one is a perfect example of a full package. While the picture itself is pretty cool it isn't going to make this list alone, but when you actually hold the disk, the retro feel is amazing. It looks like it should smell moldy, straight out of someone’s basement in 1979. When we reviewed it we made mention of it, to go along with the amazing country duets on the disk. A complete package release."
Rock The Body, USA
“The great thing about How Do You Plead? Is that it doesn’t simply recycle the tradition at which it is casting a backwards glance, but contributes to the tradition as well.”
Country Standard Time USA

My Darling Clementine - In Concert

"It was theatre, it was country music, it was rock 'n' roll."
Maverick *****5/5
"Thanks a million for such a sterling performance last night. You were tremendous."
David Hepworth, Word
"MDC mix country gloom with excellent musicianship and fine songs."
The Guardian
"King and Dalgleish have re-invented the country duet - the mingling of these 2 voices is just heavenly."
Maverick ***** 5/5
"A bravely unfashionable British band who pay tribute to the great country duos of the era – Tammy and George, or Johnny Cash and June Carter. And they do so remarkably well."
The Guardian
"Off the scale guys, what a show! Amazing songwriting and musicianship. We loved it, pleasure to have you."
Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival, Belfast
"This uplifting evening of pure country gold will live in the memory for an exceedingly long time and the talents of Michael and Lou should be cherished by all those intent on preserving a precious sound."
Three Chords and the Truth (The Hare and Hounds - Birmingham)

My Darling Clementine & Mark Billingham - The Other Half

“A convincing world of barflies, peeling paint and characters on bar stools with very dark secrets.”
BBC Radio 4 Front Row
“Country romanticism and hard-boiled crime come together in a story that perfectly emphasizes the drama contained in the music."
What's On - London
"Part gig, part play, part storytelling (albeit a story influenced by Jim Jarmusch!)"
Crossing Borders, The Netherlands
“The songs of My Darling Clementine always have an interesting story to tell, and to base a work of fiction around them is inspired.”
Country Music People ****4/5
"With The Other Half, My Darling Clementine reaffirms the fact that they are the U.K.'s strongest and most assured purveyors of authentic traditional Americana. A superb collection of stories and songs, it would make Johnny and June proud, while giving the rest of us plenty to cheer about as well."
No Depression
"Billingham's evocative and mysterious narrative is interspered by seven superb My Darling Clementine songs Brave and imaginative"
Maverick ****4/5
"The Other Half is a slice of Americana spiralling out of the music into the gritty realism of real life, real bars and the notion that occasionally a dream evaporates into a sense of reality."
Three Chords and the Truth
"It works brilliantly well, both on cd and at live shows, and makes one wonder just why it's taken so long for anyone to come up this cracking concept"
The Big Issue / Northern Soul
"It really is a wonderful album. The narration of the story and the voice acting for the dialogue is perfect and the pacing and placement of the songs flesh out the story. The format is such that the album is best consumed in a single sitting, but the songs, all of them, can stand on their own."
"It's brilliant"
The Sun
"The Other Half is built around an emotive, murder-related human interest story, with much of the action centring around a seedy Memphis bar. Written and narrated with feeling by highly respected crime writer Mark Billingham, it's interspersed with enduring songs of intrigue, love and heartbreak from internationally-acclaimed dark country duo My Darling Clementine and it's one of the most affecting LPs you'll hear this year."
Whisperin' & Hollerin' ********* 9/10
"It’s a quality piece of Americana fiction presenting the very best of what these two performing entities have to offer."
Three Chords and the Truth
"Everything works here; the story, the music, the performances from all concerned and even the way the CD is presented. It just gels together so well"
Penny Black
"Top crime writer and country duo unite for a hugely moving and dramatic performance. This was a great theatrical/music experiment and certainly worth catching when it tours next year"
Weekend Notes, Birmingham
"an engaging listen, perfect for a car journey or to savour at home, and it whets the appetite for the next full album from our very own first couple of country music"
Blabber 'n' Smoke
"It’s well worth setting aside an hour to share the bruised, broken and eventually redeemed lives the words and music so engagingly evoke. Now for the mini-series."
Folk Radio UK
"We need more music like this and certainly more messages like this. While it is always good to celebrate youth, it is also worth considering that we all grow older and that it is good to have happiness and peace even if it isn’t glamorous or perfect. If we can find that happiness and peace in music as perfect as this then all the better."
"Billingham weaves these tales together in a deadpan style that readers of Willy Vlautin will recognise."
Blabber 'n' Smoke
"Where literature and music collide is a perfect wrap for this latest project by top selling crime fiction writer Mark Billingham and the UK's premier act for keeping the flame of classic country alive My Darling Clementine. For one night only, the studio venue at Birmingham's Repertory Theatre was taken to downtown Memphis and awash with a sound spanning the length of Tennessee's Music Highway."
Three Chords and the Truth
"Top crime writer and country duo unite for a hugely moving and dramatic performance. This was a great theatrical/ music experiment and certainly worth catching when it tours next year"
Weekend Notes, Birmingham
“Any fan of crime writing or country music will enjoy this innovative storytelling.”
"The set up for the first half of the show's an interesting concept, with Billingham reading the story (inspired by My Darling Clementine's music) on one side of the stage pausing from time to time for My Darling Clementine to deliver a suitable song from their back catalogue, making this part gig/part play/part Jackanory (albeit a Jackanory influenced by Jim Jarmusch). Part of the joy of fiction is that the reader (or in this case the listener) can use their own imagination to see the characters. Given that the story was based on the band's music the chopping and changing from spoken to sung word worked particularly smoothly though and the only gripe was that there could have been more of it. Who knows, could there be a movie in there somewhere"
We Love Brum
"This may have been a left field collaboration but as a project it worked extremely well and its short run as a live production deserves to be well supported."
Three Chords and the Truth
“Like all good country music, this raises the spirits and is, ultimately, life affirming.”
"Mark Billingham wrote his story The Other Half so named after one of the duo's songs in the typically hard-boiled style of authors like Raymond Chandler. It's about Marcia, an ageing waitress in a Memphis bar. She has a past in strip clubs, a recalcitrant daughter she has almost lost touch with and an ailing old mother. Marcia likes to talk to the various eccentric characters that frequent the bar, both regulars and one-off guests. They all have their own, often improbable, stories. But in the end, each of them is simply looking for some love and affection, just like Marcia herself. Billingham tells it beautifully, standing behind a lectern, his voice adding exactly the right atmosphere to the story. Each chapter he reads is followed by another song from My Darling Clementine, while the context gives it a significance that rises above the camp atmosphere that often clings to the genre."
Crossing Borders
"All in all its an interesting mash up between two worlds that ends up being more than the sum of its two halves."
We Love Brum
"Often, the crockery starts flying through the room soon after the wedding vows. Yes, of course he?s sorry when he comes crawling home from the bar in the middle of the night. He?ll never do it again. But the next day, the thirst proves stronger once again. Cliches that Billingham's story strips of their banality and renders moving. And which Lou and Michael sing truly wonderfully on top of that. An excellent performance and a show thoroughly enjoyed by everyone."
Crossing Borders
"A unique collaboration of crime and country, full of original words and music that linger long in the memory."
The Morning Star