(GEORGE JONES / Michael Weston King )

Here stands the man, who lived to tell it all

Yes I’ve spilled a lot of money
Now some may think that’s funny
But what’s the use, if you cannot spend
And yes I hate the daylight
And to look upon those I’ve not treated right
Who’ve seen my dark side, but I can’t make amends

You only came back so you could leave
Me for good, but why deceive me
Those lies are something you cannot defend
And all those times that you cheated
When I thought we had it beaten
You always seemed to hurt me in the end

But I always seemed to make just by curtain
Yes always seemed to make it around 9
Though I’ve cut it close a thousand times
I never once doubted my mind
That I would always make it to the end

Old whiskey, loud music, young women
Have kept these eyes from dimming
They’re still in my present, not just in my past

I’ve used them all for my protection
Steel plated from rejection
And I viewed it all from the bottom of a glass

You lived to tell to it all but how you hurt us
You lived to tell it all but why desert us
Well you swam too long in scarlet waters
You drowned a son and lost a daughter
And many more who never made it to the end

I’m tarnished by my history
The very thing that made me…
the strongest man with a will to conquer all

And those that fell by the wayside
The ones who lived like you, but died,
So week, all you could do was watch them fall

I was a sailor on the tarmac sea
For too many years,  I agree
There are questions I’m still not wise enough to answer

Just wise enough to no longer ask
Don’t dig too deep into the past
You know it’ll only hurt you in the end
You know it’ll only kill you in the end