(Michael Weston King)

Down in Guadalajara there’s a man behind the bar who understands his pain
He will pour his heart out, they will pour the drinks, so he’s drunk again.
Louisa up and left him, took the children when she could no longer take the life
Tonight they leave for Juarez and he wonder’s if he’ll ever see his wife

Another show to go, then the breakdown, and finally another town
Last night they lost he money when somebody went and shot the ticket booth down
Through the streets of the Barrios he watches the young boys run with their knives
No wonder she left him, this is no place for the children, or a wife

But as the spotlight hits the ring
And the crowd begins to call
It’s the greatest ever feeling
That makes this little man, feel so tall
No matter how much it hurts
When the rope burns his palm
He’s the king of the carnival
And he can come to no harm, he can come to no harm

Down in Juan Repose, where the bars never close he can hear them play
He dreams that he’s beside you, walking right behind her as he watches her sway
That’s the only way he’ll see me, in dreams, until he can find a better line
He’s not the only man who can show her the very worst of times

No matter how much it hurts
I’ll forever be blue
If you’re going to leave me girl
You can’t stop me, waiting for you
One day we’ll lay this burden down
And we’ll move across the river
And you will be my only world
You will be my only world
You will be my only world
You will be my only world