(Michael Weston King / Lou Dalgleish)

Yes, I’m a man
Who likes to dress right
A sharp crease in my stride
My shirts tailored and tight

A white cuff below the sleeve
Of my jacket cut fine
Shoes polished to gleam
The right knot in my tie

But if you take a closer look
You’ll see my collar has worn
And this suit needs a clean
And these trousers are torn
Since the day she passed on
And I changed my ways
I no longer take pride
In my appearance these days

I used to frequent
The finest cafes in town
Where the waiter knew my name
Before I even sat down

I drove the most stylish car
An immaculate machine
White wall tyre, leather seats
Chrome polished to gleam

But these days I don’t drive
I lost my license last fall
Driving under the influence
Of a girl blonde and tall
And those places we would dine
They’re too rich for me now
And I no longer take pride
In my appearance somehow

I’m looking down my darling watching over you
See me in the reflection if you keep shining up your shoes
My life would have been nothing without you
I’m there at the table
I’m there on the back seat with you
And although I know I hide
In our love, you must always take pride