(Michael Weston King / Lou Dalgleish)

Hello darling
How have you been?
Are you still sleeping with that
Bottle of gin
Or did wake up
With my perfume

Hello sweetheart
It’s been sometime
Are you still seeing
That old friend of mine
Or did you leave him
In that way you do

Hello stranger
Yes I am
He’s nothing like you
He’s a Decent Man
and he’s not bitter
not like you

Hello darling
Ain’t That The Truth
But you’re now sweeter now and here’s the proof
I’ve bought some roses
They’re not for you

Who needs roses?
I’m doing fine
His kisses only taste like summer wine
And you turn roses
From red to blue

When our roses were in bloom
Their perfume filled our room
Now I don’t mean for these words to be cruel
But wotht know who’s the fool

Goodbye darling
See you sometime
Say hello to that old friend of mine
Give him these roses
They’re not for you

I’ve bought some roses
They’re not for you