(Michael Weston King)

I’m going back to Memphis
I left somebody there
I need to go and see her
Find out if she cares
14 hours in one city
Now I can’t shake her from my mind
So I’m going back to Memphis
Think I’ll stay for good this time

He says he’s coming back to Memphis
Well I don’t know if that’s true
He said that when he left here
He’d be back by June
Now it’s been the coldest winter
That I have ever felt
But if he comes back to Memphis
This snow will surely melt

All, down, Music Highway
I’m, found, heading her way

There is nothing you can do
but turn around and face the truth…..I need her
Every mile that passes by
your closer to your baby’s eyes…..I see her

So I’ve come back to Memphis
I feel at home here in this town
I’ve come to hear the sun rise
I’ve come to sing the glory down
So lay your head on my shoulder
We’ll take away each others pain
Now you’ve come back to Memphis
You’ll never need to leave again

Now that I’ve come back to Memphis
I will never leave again