Hi everyone,

Welcome to the first newsletter of 2019.

Firstly, can we wish you all a happy, peaceful and healthy new year – one that is free of the heartache of 2018.

Secondly,  a huge thanks to everyone of you who came out to any of the 26 shows we played in the Autumn in England, Scotland, Wales, The Netherlands, Germany and France.

There were some really special nights. We had a great time and would love for you to let us know which show you came to and share your thoughts here.

Here are a couple of reviews from the tour:

and some photos by Peter Saunders from The Rep, Birmingham;



We are back on the road again from next week with upcoming shows in Scotland, Norway and Northern England.

We are delighted to start the new year playing the Celtic Connections Festival in Glasgow.  It is always a great night whenever we play there, so if  you don’t have a ticket, don’t delay.

For our friends in and around Dundee, who can’t make it to Glasgow, there will be a special warm-up show on the 18th in Montrose.

This show is hosted by The Montrose Folk Club at The Park Hotel, John Street, Montrose Tickets can be purchased by phone 01674 830 658 or email; Kenneth@tduncan.com

We will be joined by Al Gare, Dean Beresford and Iain Sloan on these shows.

For full details about all the shows confirmed so far, both home and abroad, please visit our website.


Thanks to those of you who emailed us with your song requests. Our apologies if you asked for one but we did not get round to playing it. Keeping asking, and yes, “She Is Still My Weakness” will return!

So, if there are certain songs you would like us to play, maybe a favourite you have never heard us play before, please let us know, and we will do our best to include it.

We are also working on a few of our favourite songs by other writers for this tour so if you fancy hearing us do a cover of your choice, we’d love to hear your suggestion.

For a while now we have been meaning to add the great Jimmy Webb song “Do What You Gotta Do” to the live set. So too, ‘I’m Your Toy’ by The Flying Burrito Brothers, and ‘That Day Is Done” by Elvis Costello & Paul McCartney

Maybe ‘by the time we get to Glasgow!’



We are hoping that the red ‘studio’ light will be going on again soon. It has been too long since we recorded anything new.

Our plan was to have made the follow-up to Still Testifying in 2018 but numerous problems due to relocating from Birmingham to Manchester and then the vagaries of finding and losing and finding again somewhere to live rather took over. So we have some catching up to do.

We have actually got plans for 2 new albums to be cut this year, with at least one of them coming out in 2019.  There will be an album of all original material,  and also one made up solely of songs written by………………?

More on this to follow shortly but some of these new songs will feature live very soon.


We would love for everyone to take 6 minutes out of their busy schedule and just enjoy this video. It was lovingly created by film-maker Daniel Marigliano and deserves to be seen by many, many more people than it has so far.

Our attention spans are so short these days,  and getting anyone to watch a YouTube video for more than 2 minutes is difficult,  but this song & video are a little longer than that but it’s worth persevering with. Enjoy, and feel free to share too. Thanks.



Big love to everyone who has supported the Music Minds project by buying the album, or downloading tracks, or coming to the Islington O2 Academy concert back in October.

If you have not yet bought a copy of this fine 50 song album, at the bargain price of £10, just order here now.

It is the only place you will find our version of the gorgeous Peter Blegvad song, GOLD on CD or to stream.

The CD also includes:



We were very said to hear that the legendary – and we mean legendary – Billy Butler, hosted his last ever BBC Radio Merseyside afternoon show on Dec 28th.  We have been Billy’s guest many times and he has always been a huge supporter of our music, and so many other artists coming through town to play shows in Liverpool.  “Enjoy your retirement Billy, though hopefully you will find a new home on air on very soon”


Don’t forget to follow us on that social media. We have a love-hate relationship with it, a little like our own in many respects, but do ‘like’, ‘follow’, ‘share’  etc. That is where the gossip lands quickest, and the more embarrassing photos are seen:

OK, so thanks everyone. As ever we do appreciate your support and we  look forward to seeing you at a show in the next few weeks as we get the new year underway.

Our love, and respect,
Lou & Michael

Photo by Gerie Van Barneveld