Hi everyone

Welcome to the Clementine summer newsletter.


We are looking forward to getting back on stage in the coming days.  It has been a prolonged absence by our standards – not played a show in almost 2 months (Thornton Hough Village Club in April – what a great night that was. Thanks to all who came.)

On Tuesday June 19th we will be joining Carlene Carter for her only UK show this year. Carlene is country music royalty and we are are happy to be the court jesters for the night.

Tickets from – https://agmp.ticketabc.com/events/carlene-carter/


After that we will be in Norway, firstly at the Vise Festival in Egersund at the start of July (joined by Al Gare and Alan Cook) and then again, with the full band, at Seljord Festival:

Thursday July 5th – Egersund, Vise Festival (MWK solo)
Friday July 6th – Egersund, Vise Festival (MDC)

Friday July 27th – Telemark, Seljord Festival
Saturday July 28th – Telemark, Seljord Festival

Tickets are also now on sale for the Autumn tour.  These dates are a mix of duo, 4 piece and full band shows. We are also joining up with Mark Billingham again,  for a performance of The Other Half in Whitby.

Full details and tickets links at http://mydarlingclementinemusic.co.uk/shows/

If possible, PLEASE book your tickets as soon as you can if your are planning on coming to any the shows. It really makes a huge difference and helps re-assure promoters. Leaving until the last minute to buy can sometimes lead to promoters getting cold feet and wanting to cancel if advance sales are low.

Many thanks everyone.

We’ve also got some more dates in the Netherlands lined up:

Tuesday Nov 13th – Oentsjerk (NL)
Folk in de Walden

Wed Nov 14th – Leiden (NL)
Q Bus

Thurs Nov 15th – Ede (NL)
Live Stage Marnix

Fri Nov 16th – Amen (NL)
Cafe De Amer

Sat Nov 17th –  Lieren, Apeldoorn (NL)
De Roseboom

Sun Nov 18th – Arnhem (NL)
Luxor Live
Tickets: https://luxorlive.stager.nl/web/tickets/203301
Venue: https://www.luxorlive.nl/agenda/


Our thoughts are turning to getting back in the studio soon, and writing some new songs. A week spent at the first ever South Louisiana Songwriter festival and Workshop for Michael  (hosted by the incredible Buddy Holly Educational Foundation) got the creative juices flowing and resulted in some new songs and co-writes.Read more about this event and see some concert footage of some of the outstanding writers / performers involved at https://www.solosongwriters.com/about-1/Although we have not yet committed anything to tape for a new album, we do want to let you know about 2 releases coming soon that we are involved in and for causes we are delighted to support;

1. In March we joined a number of fellow musicians to contribute vocals to a new version of Lou Reed’s Perfect Day.

The new arrangement having been done by Steve Nieve. This single is due for realise in the coming weeks, along with an accompanying video.This will be followed by the release of a triple album featuring over 40 artists,  and a concert in London, with all proceeds going towards Mental Health awareness.

More details at http://www.music-minds.co.uk and tickets for the October concert are available here.

2. Following our recent tour of Spain in January we were invited to contribute a song to an album that highlights the on-going plight of the people of Western SaharaThe song to be featured is not an MDC song but a remixed version of a song called  In Time, which originally appeared on Michaels 2010 solo album I Didn’t Raise My Boy To Be A Soldier.

This album will come out in July and features, amidst others Malcolm Holcombe, David Olney, Eleni Mandel and many more (see below).

More details to follow soon on actual album release date and where copies can be bought.


We love hearing from you, so please get back to us if there is anywhere you want to see us come and play.Also if anything you would like to see appear in the store. We have been meaning to get new T. shirts printed for a while now. Any takers??  And if so, what do want to see on them?We also have reduced a number of items in the MDC store, so please take a look and grab a bargain.

We have just a few of the Jacknife screen print posters left. We want them hanging on someones wall not sitting in our store cupboard so please order now!

We also now have some vinyl copies of How Do You Plead? and The Reconciliation back in stock, though we are down to the last box of each.

That’s all for now. Thanks everyone. Keep in touch and we will see you soon. Have a great summer.Yours,
Lou and Michael